Unions, Benefit Funds and Individuals Trust Soldon McCoy for All Employee Benefit, Contract, Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Matters

At Soldon McCoy, we forge close relationships with our clients built on trust so our legal services are personalized. We listen to our clients and understand their needs so we can provide the most effective representation with innovative techniques. Our experience representing unions and benefit funds facilitates our ability to navigate the connections between union and individual contract rights, health, welfare and pension benefits and workers’ compensation and personal injury claims.

Soldon McCoy Is Dedicated to Providing the Best Representation So Its Clients Get the Best Possible Outcome

Attorneys Committed to Workplace Justice

The mission at Soldon McCoy is to promote fairness at work, and to represent the labor movement as it aims to protect job security, fair wages and working conditions. Employers have a big advantage in employment disputes. Our expertise levels the playing field. With integrity and skill, we help create a more just workplace for unions and employees.

Labor Unions

Soldon McCoy attorneys have more than 75 years of combined experience proudly representing unions and workers in diverse industries and professions, in both the public and private sectors. We work extensively with union organizing, contract negotiation and enforcement and internal union matters. Our dedication and collaboration with organized labor allows us to assist unions in every aspect of their operations.

Health and Pension Benefit Funds

In conjunction with our labor law practice, we have extensive experience representing jointly trusteed benefit funds, including fund fiduciaries and sponsors as well as plan professionals, providers and participants. We advise clients, design plans, draft and review contracts, and minimize significant Department of Labor, Internal Revenue Service and other risks. In our subrogation practice, we obtain substantial reimbursement from third parties for our health and welfare funds.

Employment Law

In addition to representing organizations, Soldon McCoy attorneys represent individuals and groups of employees in class action and individual discrimination and wage and hour cases. With vast experience in employment law, Soldon McCoy employment lawyers understand the law and legal trends in the workplace, and regularly present seminars on sexual harassment, discrimination and other employment law issues.

Personal Injury and Workers Compensation

Our representation is aggressive and seeks fair resolutions of industrial or motor vehicle accidents, wrongful deaths, medical malpractice and other injuries caused by negligent or reckless acts.

We help injured workers obtain medical care, rehabilitation services and benefits.

We Are Committed to Providing Working People With the Best Legal Representation

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